About Us

At Associates in Driving, we don’t just teach our students to pass the driver’s license exam. Rather, we focus on a completely integrated driver’s education program including driving habits, navigation ability, anticipation, confidence, positive attitudes, and extraordinary zone control. Our programs emphasize driver safety, driver responsibility, and driver commitment.

Michael Anderson

Mike Anderson (Co-owner and Instructor) has a Master of Education degree and over 20 years experience in training and development. Mike has taught middle school through college, as well as adult learners. Prior to Associates in Driving, Mike owned two other businesses: a small consultancy in New Jersey called Learning Works (3 years) and Petra Cliffs (8 years), an indoor climbing gym and mountaineering school in Vermont.

Email: Mike@AssociatesInDriving.com

Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith (Co-Owner and Business Manager) has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and has spent the last 20+ years in the business world. Carolyn has worked extensively with businesses of all shapes and sizes across Vermont and nationally. Prior to Associates in Driving, Carolyn was a founding member and broker for a Vermont firm offering employee benefits to small and mid-size companies across the state.

Email: Carolyn@AssociatesInDriving.com